Kid Constitution (aka, The Constitution Kid)

Idealistic, Fallen Hero


Known Information

Real Name: Unknown
Code Name: Kid Constitution, aka The Constitution Kid
Race: Human (Presumed)
Ethnicity/Race: Black
Age: Unknown, presumed 18-21 at present timeline.
Affiliations: Hero. KC was the sidekick of another, more renowned hero known as the Arbiter, who is now deceased due to disintegration blast to the face. Current affiliations or alignment unknown.
Description: Kid Constitution wore a typical superhero costume. The suit was tan, the color of tea-stained paper or papyrus; interspersed around the costume are white stars. KC bore an emblem of the shield of liberty emblazoned over his chest. He wields the literal Shield of Liberty in his left hand: a large buckler appearing like a papyrus or drum-skin stretched over a firm material that produces an oddly metallic ring when struck. Text appears over the shield periodically, scrawled by an invisible hand in vibrant cursive. Looking at the shield for an extended period of time results in seeing the various virtues and freedoms listed in the Constitution, reining in the power of government to defend the people from tyranny from all forms. KC was a teenager at the time of the Ktharen invasion, presumably 15-16 years in age.

Kid Constitution (aka, The Constitution Kid)

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